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SpeedDial Beta leverages modern technology with a mobile-optimized design. Features include: 

  • Intelligent search

  • New filters for vehicles and products

  • VIN and License plate scanners

  • Self-service user management

  • Expanded product data and images

  • And more!


We are continuously updating the platform to ensure the best experience for our customers. Please share any feedback you have through the Feedback link on SpeedDial Beta.

September 28, 2023

Catalog now includes related and optional Often Sold With Products in your Part Type List!


Related Part Types are displayed when a Part Type is selected:

SOLD WITH displays a list of Part Types that are frequently purchased with your selected products.  When you have made selections in your Product List (in Details panel), click the SOLD WITH button in the Part Type panel. 







Note: Only our most frequently sold together products include Part Type results. Related and Often Sold With are not yet available for mobile version.

Vehicle Refinement improvements include display of full configuration options for reduced clicks and suggesting important attributes to refine based on selected part type.


Example, when the part type results include multiple Engine options:

Other improvemnets include:​

  • Updates to Contact Us Information

  • Price & Availability filters updates and mobile improvements

  • Account Registration updates

  • Addition of Latest Features page (from Account Menu)

  • Mobile layout enhancements, bug fixes and added and enhanced error logging

9.28.23 release.png
9.28.23 release 2.png
9.28.23 release 3.png
Recent Search.png

August 18, 2023

Recent items option added to search: Click the recent button to select from your recently viewed items. It will list the 15 most recently priced items resulting from Catalog, Tools & Shop or Part Number lookups.







Buyer’s Guide in product details: For OE catalog items only, click a product description to view the Details page and Buyer’s Guide from the Price and Available page. Catalog product fitment is listed by Make, Model, Year. The application count is listed with the year/year range. Click the year/year range to view additional fitment details.










Refresh Order List: This option will update the order list with today’s active or selected orders for your account (useful when using multiple browser sessions or User IDs). Added in our previous release, the Order List provides quick access to your active and selected orders from the left side navigation (or orders icon on mobile). Select orders from Order History, and they are added to the Order List. The X/close button will remove an order from the list.











Buyers Guide_SDBeta.png

The release also includes improvements in the following areas:

  • Vehicle refinement is now presented when catalog results include multiple relevant attributes

  • Returns date search and reason selections

  • Promotions settings and content

  • Price and Availability page layout

  • Diagrams product list

  • Vehicle history

  • Spanish and French language elements

July 20, 2023

  • Quick access to your active orders from left side navigation

  • Improvements and bug fixes in Diagrams, Quantity Updates, Invoices, Returns, Catalog Details Panel, Account Registration, Mobile Interface, and Backend Security

June 29, 2023


  • Prop 65 notice moved from price and availability listing to Product Details and Order/Checkout pages

  • Update to focus on Search on user login, allowing for reduced clicks; User logs in and may start a text search without click

  • New option to Delete Users in User Management (User Management Guide) 

  • Automatic email communication from Problem Reports and Feedback submissions

  • Improvements and bug fixes in Account Registration, Vehicle Search and Refinement, Catalog Details Panel, Returns and Backend Security

June 26, 2023

The latest addition includes our popular schematic Diagrams.  You’ll find all 100,000+ diagrams for most vehicles 2000 to present, just as in our classic SpeedDial application.  

After selecting a Vehicle and Category, Diagrams are listed in the center. Click to open and select your products.

































Please note that Diagrams are only available in our desktop version and are not available on mobile.

Please use the feedback or report problem option to send us your comments and questions.










Additional enhancements include:

  • New Account Registration enhancements

  • Several minor enhancements and bug fixes including timeout behavior and saving of part type sort option

June 26_Image 1.png
June 26_Image 2.png
May 22, 2023
April 27, 2023
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