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speedDIAL Frequently Asked Questions

Is speedDIAL compatible with my operating system?

Is speedDIAL compatible with my operating system?

Almost certainly. We have worked hard to make speedDIAL compatible with Microsoft and Apple operating systems. You can successfully run speedDIAL on Windows 98*, NT*, XP, ME*, 2000, Vista*, Windows 7 and Mac OSX 10.4+. If you are having trouble loading or using speedDIAL and your operating system differs from those listed, or is for a non-English language please call the Help Desk at 855-878-8750.
(* Not a recommended operating system, but possible to run speedDIAL)

I've downloaded speedDIAL, but I don't know my customer number, and/or password. What do I need to do?

Before you can use speedDIAL, you first must have a registered account with WORLDPAC, and go through our customer survey process. To open an account, goto /acctapp/ or call Customer First at 800-888-9982 ext 5470. If you believe you already have an account, and can't remember the account number or password, please call the helpdesk at 800-888-9982 x5470.


My computer doesn't meet the system requirements for speedDIAL, can I download an older version of DIAL?

No. DIAL 4.1 has been phased out and the only support we provide is for speedDIAL.

I still have an older version of DIAL on this PC, do I need to remove it before loading speedDIAL?

DIAL v4.1 has been phased out and will no longer work with WORLDPAC servers. Although speedDIAL and DIAL v4.1 and earlier are mutually exclusive, totally independent programs, we recommend removing DIAL 4.1.


Will speedDIAL overwrite the older version of DIAL on my PC?

No. speedDIAL is written on a different software platform from all earlier versions of DIAL. Installing speedDIAL on your computer will not over-write whatever previous versions of our software you might have on your machine. All versions of DIAL (v4.1 and earlier) have been retired so it is recomended you remove DIAL from your system.


Is speedDIAL compatible with my network?

Yes, in all likelihood. We've tested speedDIAL for compatibility with most major network types. Any PC that is able to access the Internet should be able to run speedDIAL.

Is speedDIAL compatible with my firewall/proxy service?

Yes. In order to function, speedDIAL must ultimately be able to access ports 2010, 110, 80 & 25 to communicate with our servers. Your proxy and/or firewall software must be configured to allow traffic on those ports. If you would like to configure speedDIAL to work with your firewall on a different port, (remember that the firewall must be able to access ports 2010, 110, 80 & 25 itself), you can do so by modifying the file in C:\Program Files\speedDIAL:

Bootstrap.ProxyHost=<the name or IP of your Proxy host>
Bootstrap.ProxyPort=<the port you assign>

Save and launch speedDIAL.

I'm trying to start DIAL and getting a message 'Unable to start DIAL. Cannot connect to server: jar:!/DIALManifest.xml.' What do I do?

This message is the result of speedDIAL not being able to access our web server. Generally this is caused by not having an active Internet connection. Please verify that you are currently connected to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) by opening up an Internet browser and refreshing or reloading the webpage. Also, try disabling your Anti-Virus software and launch speedDIAL. If speedDIAL is able to present the logon screen, you must change the appropriate setting in the Anti-Virus software to allow archive files to download to your computer.

Too many messages are showing in the message box

This is usually caused by WORLDPAC Community Forum thread watches. Open forum, on right side select your control panel, select your watches, check thread and forum watches, Check the delete box of watched items and then select delete just below items. This will delete watched threads and forums. Close out of forum. You will need to delete messages in your message box. In speedDIAL, select items to delete and click the Delete button. Now click Refresh button. You may highlight several items at once to delete. If you're unable to delete messages in the message box, please call Customer First at 800.888.9982 ext 5470 for further assistance.


I can see the email messages at the top of the screen, but why can't I read what's in the email?

Are you running AVG antivirus on your computer? If you're not sure, check what icons are near your time clock. Or possibly you may have an AVG icon on your desktop. Double-click the AVG icon to open the program. Double-click on email scanner, then uncheck "scan incoming email messages". Save/Apply changes. Restart speedDIAL and you should be able to see email messages. If you are still unable to see email messages, please call Customer First at 800.888.9982 ext 5470 for further assistance. If you have concerns with leaving your email scanner off, you may turn it off, read the speedDIAL messages and turn AVG email scanner back on.


Why can't I send email in speedDIAL?

Some ISP's do not allow email traffic over anything other than their own servers. speedDIAL needs to know your ISP's outbound SMTP server address, before you will be able to send mail. If you don't know the outbound SMTP server name, your ISP can provide you with it. Enter the SMTP server address in Preferences -> Advanced -> SMTP.
The integrated speedDIAL mailing function currently doesn't work for customers who use a secured connection to their internet service provider such as gmail or MSN. You can see instruction for setting the SMTP server in speedDIAL at /smtp_vz.html.



The speedDIAL installer gets to a given percentage complete, and freezes. What do I do?

Some customers experience this problem with early versions of the speedDIAL installer. Download the latest speedDIAL installer from /sd.html.

speedDIAL says that it's updating files, asks me to restart DIAL, and then updates files again in an endless loop. What do I do?

Some customers experience this problem with early versions of the speedDIAL installer. Download the latest speedDIAL installer from /sd.html.

speedDIAL runs very slowly on my machine, is there anything I can check or adjust to address this?

Yes. Insufficient RAM is the most likely culprit causing slowness when speedDIAL is running, although other factors, such as processor speed, limited or fragmented hard-drive space and multiple simultaneous program usage can play a role as well. To check the system memory, right click on the 'My Computer' icon on your Windows desktop, and select 'Properties' the system memory is the last line visible on the 'General' tab. We recommend having at least 512 megabytes before attempting to load and use speedDIAL.

speedDIAL has frozen my machine, what do I do now?

If your computer has stopped responding to mouse and keyboard commands while using speedDIAL, you should first try pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del and end-task any program that is not responding in Windows. If the computer fails to respond to the Ctrl-Alt-Del command, you may need to manually power-off the machine.




Is there a browser-based version of speedDIAL available?

Yes. The web version is called speedDIAL Express. Please use one of following links: for ( US ) accounts for ( Canada ) accounts.


Is there a version I can use on my iPhone or other mobile device?

Yes. A web version called speedDIAL Express is accessible via the browser on most smart phones like iPhone, Android, etc. Please use one of following links: for ( US ) accounts for ( Canada ) accounts.

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