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Simple. Easy. Powerful.

  • Where can I get the iOS app?
    Search for 'worldpac' in the App Store or download here: iOS app.
  • Does the speedDIAL VIN decoder recognize all VIN numbers?
    The speedDIAL VIN decoder recognizes many vehicles manufactured for the USA from 1981 until the present year. It does not recognize VIN's of vehicles manufactured for other markets.
  • Do you need to login using your speedDIAL credentials to use the mobile VIN scanner?
    Yes. Your shop's primary speedDIAL account number and associated password are required.
  • Does speedDIAL need to be open to receive scanned VINs?
    No. After speedDIAL is launched, the newest scanned VIN will pop-up next to 'Received' drop-down menu in the catalog.
  • Will scanning a VIN interrupt speedDIAL activity (like being in the middle of an order) when the VIN is received?
  • Once The VIN is scanned by the mobile device, will it show up on all computers that have speedDIAL installed?
    Yes. Any computer logged into the same speedDIAL account that was used by the mobile device, will display the scanned VIN. And, as long as it's not deleted on any of the computers.
  • How many scanned VIN's can be shown in the 'Received' drop-down menu of the speedDIAL catalog?
    30 VIN's. The earliest VIN's from the bottom of the list will drop-off and the latest VIN's will be on top.
  • How long is it suppose to take to receive a scanned VIN into speedDIAL?
    Under normal circumstances the VIN should appear in speedDIAL within 15 seconds after it is successfully transmitted from the mobile device.
  • How do I order parts directly in the WORLDPAC App?
    Ensure that the 'Find Parts Now' option is checked in the settings. After scanning a VIN, tap the 'Find Parts Now' button to launch speedDIAL Express. You may also launch the catalog by tapping the home page 'Find Parts' button.
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