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WORLDPAC Client Automation Protocol (WCAP) allows your repair shop application to perform live part catalog lookups, import products and prices, and create orders using WORLDPAC's speedDIAL client software installed on the same shop computer.

Using WCAP, you can create a seamless environment where your application and speedDIAL work in harmony and the shop never has to enter information twice. Typically, the cycle begins when you ask speedDIAL to find parts using vehicle information sent from your application.

Client Automation Protocol


Using speedDIAL's powerful catalog, the shop finds the right part and selects the brand that meets its expectations for quality, price, and delivery. It exports products directly to an estimate or work order in your application using the Export button.

Using your application, the shop works with the estimate or work order just as it would today. When repairs are approved, it tells speedDIAL to create a WORLDPAC order.

WCAP is the glue that merges speedDIAL and your application to create a new level of productivity for shops.

WCAP Certification and Logo Requirements

WCAP Technical Reference



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