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Instructor training group

WORLDPAC - Training Institute

Our mission at the WORLDPAC Training Institute (WTI) is to assist customers in growing and increasing the profitability of their business through education. Classes are created explicitly for the independent shop, which are designed and taught by our experienced automotive professional instructors. Our goal is to establish and maintain relationships with our customers that in turn will generate long term, sustainable value for them and for us... "a true Partnership".

Technical Training Program

The WORLDPAC Technical Training Program provides advanced level diagnostic training for independent repair technicians. The complexities of properly diagnosing and repairing late model vehicles require training that until now has not been readily available to the Independent Repair Professional.

Business Development Classes

The WORLDPAC Business Development program provides training in the management of the repair shop business. These management classes have been presented to thousands of WORLDPAC customers and their managers. 


The tools provided in these classes help repair shops increase productivity, increase profits, as well as how to manage difficult areas of the business.

SMART Groups

Wouldn't it be nice to have a group of people facing the same challenges you do, that you can talk to about how to improve your business?

WORLDPAC co-sponsors groups that meet via conference call on a monthly basis and in person for two days 4-5 times per year. Better yet, each group is led by a professional facilitator with years of experience in your business.

SMART Group benefits include:

  • Improved financial understanding and measurement

  • Training

  • Group evaluations

  • Facility inspections

  • Potential for improved productivity & profits

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