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Labor Operations

SpeedDial now provides the labor times and products for the most commonly performed operations!

SpeedDial Labor Operations is powered by MOTOR GEN5 Mechanical Labor, providing:

  • Expertly crafted estimated work times and skill codes

  • Over 450 common labor operations

  • Estimated work times for optional operations

  • Supports 1985+ domestic and import light-duty vehicles for the US market


Step 1: Select a Vehicle and Category or Part Search, and find Labor Operations listed in the center along with Diagrams and Subcategories
















Note: If positions, restrictions or qualifying notes apply, select from a list of options.


Step 2: View Operation Description, Time, Skill Level and associated Part Types




Note: If applicable, Optional Operations details are provided.


Step 3: Check the desired Labor Operation(s): The associated Part Types are selected, and Times are added to the Estimated Total Time at the bottom of the screen


Step 4: Click Continue and the Labor Op time and products are added to the selected part type list.


Additional details on Labor Operations:

  • Some Operations have additional time options available for selection.  For example, some operations have times for “One Side” or “Both Sides”.  Some options also provide times for “Each Additional”, in which case use the arrows to add or deduct the time:

  • Like Diagrams, Labor Operations part list may include products that are not in our catalog.  These products are gray and not selectable, provided for customer information and convenience only.

  • Some Operations, such as Inspections, do not include products – Labor Operations provides Time Estimates, Descriptions and Skill Codes without a part list.

Plate To VIN

  • A streamlined process for VIN lookup in the SpeedDial Catalog

  • Enter license plate data to retrieve vehicle information

  • Easy, quick, and accurate parts lookup


Vehicle Information Library

  • Complete OE repair information for all major systems

  • Coverage for most 1990+ domestic and import light duty vehicles

  • Detailed images that are easy to magnify and print


Catalog Availability Bubbles and Simplified Display

  • Bubbles have been added to the catalog next to each product type indicating the product's availability

  • The Catalog is now more refined, only displaying products that are either available or that that are under consideration


Price & Availability Updated with New Segmentation

There is new product availability segmentation indicating which day the part will arrive at your business. The segmentations are directly related to the availability bubbles found in the Catalog.

  • Local – refers to the Local or Local Shuttle bubbles and is sourced from your primary location or another location in your region

  • In Network – can be same day, next day, or multi-day and may include an Advance Auto Parts location

  • Extended Network – refers to products sourced directly from a supplier via the Special Order Program

  • Not currently available – price the item to get the product number, view the list price, and indicate interest in the product


Catalog Availability Bubbles and Simplified Display

Freight Charges May Apply is now illustrated with a new FC symbol located in the Regular Price column next to the product price.

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