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OE Fluid Guide

WORLDPAC’s OE Fluid Guide is now available through our award-winning speedDIAL® software. The OE Fluid Guide makes it simple to find all your vehicle-specific OE fluids, specifications, capacities, recommendations, and special notes in a few simple clicks. Be sure to take advantage of all the benefits:

  • Vehicle specific fluid capacities

  • Manufacturer specification references

  • Special notes and recommendations

  • Multiple sizes and volumes to choose

  • Stock order pricing available for many products

  • All your favorite brands


Using the OE Fluid Guide

  1. Open the speedDIAL catalog and define a Vehicle

  2. Choose the OE Fluid Guide and the desired fluid types and click Price (see Figure 1)

  3. Choose the OE fluid products available for your specific vehicle (see Figure 2)


Figure 1. speedDIAL OE Fluid Guide


Figure 2. speedDIAL Pricing Panel

To Learn More

Please contact your account Sales Representative or our Customer First Department (1-855-878-8750) if you have any questions or require additional assistance.

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