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speedDIAL Customer Testimonials

"Several of the things we find most helpful about SpeedDial are: 1) vehicle information transfers over to order page, not only the vehicle selected, but all years that apply. You also have the chassis and engine numbers, type of transmission (if required) and any special notes or warnings that may apply. We also find it useful to be able to see quantity on hand and our shipping warehouse as well as cost and suggested list.Lastly, but not least, WE are in charge of our parts ordering, no voice mail tag, no waiting on hold, salesperson @ lunch etc. We can order now & know when it will arrive. We talk to our salesman only a few times a month by phone. The rest of the time it's speedDial or Instant Messenger."

speedDIAL for me is a $700.00 a week employee who works for free. It has improved my bottom line and quality of life. I will always be grateful to those who developed speedDIAL!!! "

Valued WORLPAC Customer

East Coast, USA

East coast customer:

"We save lots of time. It places information at our fingertips and I keep it open all day. It gives me the ability to answer my customer's questions about parts, prices and availability and delivery in just a few seconds."

West coast customer:

"DIAL has been one of the greatest updates we have added to the business. We can now order most of our parts without sitting on the phone waiting for a parts man to look up items. I can simply "point and click", select a brand, review delivery times, quickly order parts among other things. Ordering takes mere seconds. This allows me to get much more accomplished throughout the day. SpeedDIAL works flawlessly."

West coast customer:

"Many thanks for the long hours that went into designing the WORLDPAC speedDial program. This program has been a real benefit to European Cars and continues to help us tremendously in our daily efforts to obtain parts from WORLDPAC. The program has great features and up to date information that helps us out on a daily basis. The speed- Dial program is a FIRST CLASS tool for independent repair shops. Your continuing efforts to supply us with a fantastic program, keeping us up to date with the many neat features, tech information, forums, training classes, etc. This all provides us with an outstanding professional service our staff would like to say Thank You and keep up the great work"

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