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Certification and Logo Requirements

You are free to integrate with WORLDPAC speedDIAL using WCAP, and we encourage you to begin integrating right away.

To encourage full and proper implementation of WCAP, WORLDPAC only grants the right to reference its name, trademarks or artwork to parties whose applications have undergone a Certification Review. In addition, you should contact us early in your integration effort, well before the Certification Review, so that we can assist you in your integration effort.

  • Integration Meeting

    Your technical lead is encouraged to contact WORLDPAC e-Services to set up access to a special test version of DIAL which will enable you to test all DIAL functions without affecting any live customer account.

  • Beta

    Once you have completed the initial DIAL interface, it is your responsibility to conduct a beta test with at least one WORLDPAC/DIAL activated account. While the test is underway, we will show your status as beta.

  • Certification Review

    After the programming is complete, you should present your application for a certification review. Upon satisfaction of the WORLDPAC development team, official certification and qualification to use the WORLDPAC name, trademarks and artwork in promotional materials will be granted.

Partnership Contact

All inquiries regarding partnership agreements and joint marketing efforts should contact our sales department.




The specifications, terminology, content, schema (DTD's) and general parlance contained herein are proprietary to WORLDPAC and its affiliates, and are copyrighted. Trademarks include, but are not limited to, the words "DIAL","WCAP","WORLDPAC DIAL", and "WORLDPAC speedDIAL" ©2022 WORLDPAC, Inc.

Client Automation Protocol

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