Client Automation Protocol

Version 1.0
Last changed: January 31, 2008


Request DIAL to show brands, prices, and availability (quantities, submit-by and truck dispatch times) for the specified product ID.

Request Document Element: ShowPnA
DTD Location:
Sample Document: <?xp Request="1234"?>
 <ProductID>13 72 1 730 946</ProductID>
<?xp /?>


DIAL responds with a ProductQuote for each product that is exported from the PnA list. More than one ProductQuote response may be sent.

Response Document Element: ProductQuote
DTD Location:
Sample Document: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE ProductQuote SYSTEM ''>
<?xp Request=1234?>
<ProductDesc>Timing Belt</ProductDesc>
<ProductDesc2 />
 <BaseVehicle id="5893"/>
 <VehicleYear id="1988">1988</VehicleYear>
 <Make id="58">Acura</Make>
 <Model id="742">Integra</Model>
 <BodyNumDoors id="8">3</BodyNumDoors>
 <EngineDesignation id="134">D16A1</EngineDesignation>
<?xp /?>

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