How to Change WORLDPAC speedDIAL Outgoing Email

Some Internet Service Providers (ISP) require that you use one of their own emails servers to send outgoing emails. Use the following speedDIAL Preferences... menuprocedure to change the default outgoing email settings ( in speedDIAL

  1. Go to the speedDIAL menu item View > Preferences... (see figure 1).
  2. Replace the SMTP Server name* with one supplied by your ISP (see figure 2).
  3. ¹Replace the Port number if required by your ISP.
  4. ¹Insert the User Name and Password if required by your ISP. (If you don't have the information, you may enter it later.)
  5. You may test your settings using the Test SMTP Server button. You should receive the message, Successfully sent test email.... If you receive a failure message, re-check your settings.
  6. Click the OK button to save your settings.

¹Changing or adding this information may or may not be required by your particular ISP. Consult your ISP's web site for specific information regarding outgoing email setting, policies, and/or restrictions.

Additional important information:

  • If you cannot reply to or send email from speedDIAL, the solution may be as simple as replacing the SMTP server name with your ISP's SMTP server name*.
speedDIAL outgoing email settings*Additional ISP mail server names:
  • AOL -
  • Adelphia -
  • AT&T -
  • Charter Communications -
  • Comcast -
  • Netzero -
  • PacBell -
  • PeoplePC -
  • Yahoo -
  • Juno -
  • SprintPCS -
  • SpeakEasy -
  • These server names are subject to change. If your ISP is not listed here, visit your ISP's web site or call them to find out their outgoing mail server name.


For further information, please contact the WORLDPAC Customer First department at 1-800-888-9982 x5470 or email: