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Product Shortcuts

You can type product shortcuts into the speedDIAL “Product #” box and speedDIAL will return pricing and availabity on corresponding product. Current shortcuts include:

European motor oil approvals Oil viscosities Brands & product names
LL98 0w20 Eneos
LL01 0w30 Pentosin
LL04 0w40 Motul
228.1 0w50 Red Line
229 5w20 Lubro Moly
229.1 5w30 Brake fluid
229.3 5w40 Permatex
229.5 10w30 Microflex
229.31 10w40 Gloves
229.51 15w40 Power steering fluid
501.01 15w50 Bentley
502.00 20w50 Coolant
503.00 T4 Antifreeze
504.00 Z1 Motor Oil
505.00   ATF
    Hose Clamp
505.01 speedDIAL Product Shortcuts

Check back often for more shortcuts!