speedDIAL Catalog Quick Reference

Enhanced speedDIAL Return Codes

To provide our customers with the highest possible service level, which includes products that are delivered, as intended, with the highest level of quality, ready for quick and accurate installation, we have enhanced our return codes to insure inventory integrity.

WORLDPAC’s inventory can become contaminated with the wrong part, a damaged part or an even a used part if we do not process our returns from our customers properly. WORLDPAC customers using our self-service speedDIAL return feature can now help keep our inventory clean and accurate.

We’ve enhanced our return codes to ensure we will put only new resalable parts back into our inventory, and keep damaged or used parts separate. To accomplish this important task, we need our customers to be very diligent when selecting the correct return code in our speedDIAL system. Below are the enhanced return codes, with a brief description to help identify the correct code.

Fig. 1 - SpeedDIAL Return Codes
Return Codes
Selection   Description
Core   Core return – Part taken off car.
New - Not Needed   Never installed – No longer needed.
New - Catalog Application Error   Never installed – Part does not apply to vehicle shown in catalog.
New - Damaged as Received   Never installed – Received damaged or broken.
New - Missing Parts/Pieces   Never installed – Missing pieces.
New - Manufactured Incorrectly   Part Application is correct, Fit or Function not as designed. Please provide text details so we may determine the error.
New - Used Product in Box   Never installed – Used part received, not new.
New - Other Problem   Mis-picked, Mis-labeled, Mis-boxed, etc. Please provide text details so we may determine the nature of the problem.
Warranty   Installed New – Failed before 12 months or 12000 miles.

For more information on speedDIAL please contact:

WORLDPAC Customer First Department
800.888.9982 x 5470