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The New Mover Program is a monthly direct mail program that targets families that have recently moved near your service center. We identify these families and send them a welcoming communication from your shop. You can choose either a three coupon letter or a single coupon folded postcard.

The folded postcard format (Sample A) has eye catching four color graphics on both the outside and the inside. To incent the new mover this mailer features one gift voucher prominently placed inside the mailer. The mailer is a high quality 8 ½” x 11” folded communication similar to a postcard.

The welcoming letter format (Sample B) includes three customized promotional offers “checks” redeemable at your service center. This 8 ½” x 14" welcoming letter is mailed in a 6” X 9” white envelope.

New Mover ProgramNew Mover Program

Direct Mail Sample A (Click to enlarge)

New Mover ProgramNew Mover Program

Direct Mail Sample B (Click to enlarge)