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CSI - Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

What is a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)?
A CSI is a survey of customers to determine their level of satisfaction with the products and services they receive from a business. A good CSI survey will also solicit ideas from customers to help enhance the services the business offers.
Is there more than one way to conduct a CSI?
Yes. There are many ways to do a CSI. Leave a card for the customer to fill out, send a letter, email, and fax, call them yourself, or have an outside professional service conduct your surveys.
Why should repair shops do CSIs?
There are many reasons to do CSIs. Good customers are very hard to come by, so you want to be sure you do not lose any. Being able to respond to a customers perceived poor experience, will give you another opportunity to keep that customer. The CSI will also show the source of re-occurring problems and will supply the shop owner with the information to make changes or to add training for personnel. It will also give the shop some great testimonials from customers who had a very positive experience. Using CSI results can also be a measurement of technicians and advisors achievement of the shops customer relationship goals.
Is one type of CSI better than another?
Having a professional service conduct the CSI gives the customer a neutral party to discuss their experience. Customers tend to give a more open opinion about that experience with a third party. This is one of the reasons dealers and auto manufacturers rely on professional companies like Customer Research to do their CSIs. When service centers do their own CSIs, they sometimes get busy and neglect to do the follow up. Having all the information on a secure website, makes it easier for shop owners to check on any issues that may arise. A mailed CSI usually results in a 3-5% response. Customer Research achieves about a 70% response, and another 10-15% from voice messages.
Is it expensive to have a CSI done?
Most companies charge about $2.50 per repair order. With the WORLDPAC/Customer Research program, our customers pay $2.00 to $2.25 per repair order as a WORLDPAC customer. Compared to losing customers, tracking potential come-backs and customer comments about how they could be served better, it is quite a value.
Who is Customer Research?
Customer Research is a professional CSI company that specializes in the automotive service industry. They have been in business since 1967. Their programs are used by car manufacturers like the Daimler Chrysler five star program, and approved by AAA. They use professionals with many years of customer contact experience.
Is it legal for them to call customers?
Yes. The surveys are non-solicitation calls.
How do I contact Customer Research?
Once you enroll in the program, they will contact you and give you your password. You can contact them at 1-800-886-3472 or email at Be sure to have your WORLDPAC account number.
What if my customer is not home when they call?
Customer Research makes several attempts to contact each customer. Each attempt is logged on the survey and coded as to whether the phone was busy, answering machine ETC. If all attempts fail, they will be sent a written survey.
The integrated speedDIAL mailing function currently doesn't work for customers who use MSN to provide their internet service. This is due to restrictions Microsoft places on non-MS applications communicating over network.
Is the website easy to use?
Some customers experience this problem with early versions of the speedDIAL installer. Download the latest speedDIAL installer from or ask your Worldpac representative for an updated CD.
Who has access to my customer information?
Customer Research has a policy that they only give access to the information to the shop owner (and those the shop owner gives the access codes to). WORLDPAC does not have access to the information.
How do I send my information to Customer Research?
There are several ways to do this. The fastest and simplest is email, either by exporting the information directly from your shop management system, or putting the information on an Excel spreadsheet. You may also fax the information or send it via postal service. Remember, this is time sensitive, so the mail may delay the results. One of the keys to a CSI is being able to respond to issues quickly.
Do I have to sign a contract?
No. We believe once you see the value of the quality control, and the time you save being able to monitor this program, you will want to continue receiving the information.
Do I have to send every repair order in for survey?

No. If you only send in a sample, you will not achieve a true evaluation of your CSI. The one you choose to not survey could be the customer you lose! It is recommended you do quite a few of the total for a couple of months to establish your satisfaction percentage (should be over 90%). Once youre comfortable with your CSI, do at least a 25% random sample each week.

Will the CSI call center operators answer questions about my business or the repair orders?

No. The call center operators are extremely well trained in customer relations, are courteous, and make notes of every conversation. They report everything the customer says. They do not offer any opinions or advice. They let customers know that the management of the repair shop will see all the comments.

What questions are asked on the survey?

1) Were you completely satisfied with your overall experience at this service center?
2) Was your vehicle ready when promised?
3) Were you completely satisfied with the courtesy of your service advisor?
4) Were you completely satisfied with the communication between you and your service advisor?
5) Were you completely satisfied with the quality of work performed on your vehicle?
6) Are there any comments you would like to pass on to the service center?

Can I change the questions that are asked?

No. If you have suggestions that may benefit the program, email them to