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Revolutionize your business with the WORLDPAC® app - now optimized for tablets!

As an Independent Automotive Service Center, use the WORLDPAC app to scan VIN bar codes with your iOS™ and Android™ devices. Use speedDIAL Express® on your mobile device to order parts or instantly transmit a VIN number to speedDIAL®. Google Play App Store
VIN Scanner

Key Features

  • Tablet friendly
  • Accurate and fast VIN-specific scans
  • One-step VIN to order
  • Optional manual VIN entry
  • VIN history with a resend option
  • Order direct from customer vehicle
  • Better interaction with customer
  • More mobility = increased efficiency
  • Keeps your service center on the same level as dealers

Frequently Asked Questions »

Technical Hotline

(800) 888-9982 ext. 5470

speedDIAL Timeline

speedDIAL Timeline

This app requires a valid WORLDPAC speedDIAL® user ID and password. To become a WORLDPAC wholesale customer, apply at